Sheamus ‘ready’ for Rooney in WWE arena

sheamusMANCHESTER, England ●  While in conversation with the hosts of a British talk show, Soccer AM, 38-year-old Irish professional wrestler, Sheamus O’Shaunessy challenged Manchester United forward, Wayne Rooney to a proper wrestling match at the Manchester Arena in England.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is a self-proclaimed Liverpool fan and hence, his shout-out to Wayne Rooney doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The Celtic Warrior, ahead of the WWE Live WrestleMania Revenge Tour in Manchester on 19 April, featured on the popular Soccer AM show.

When asked for his take on the famous Red Devils striker, Sheamus said, “Let me tell you something fella’ (Wayne Rooney), you may be good in Manchester United, you may be good in front of goal, but you got no chance in the WWE ring.”

The 30-year-old Wayne Rooney has been a part of a previous WWE episode last November where he slapped British professional wrestler, King Wade Barrett.

Sheamus, while referring to that particular incident told Soccer AM, “Wade Barrett is a little soft, but if you want a real fight just pick on the Celtic Warrior. I’ll be ready and (be) waiting in that ring in Manchester Evening News Arena. You can come down anytime you want.”

The Irish wrestler, also, had a bit of a laugh when he stated, “The only problem is there are more Manchester City supporters than (Manchester) United fans.”

However, when asked about what moves he would use on Rooney, Sheamus refused to give it away, “There are plenty of moves. I’m not going to give it away now because I want everyone to come to the show in Manchester to see it.”

Wayne Rooney’s history with the WWE

The England international and his six-year-old son, Kai were part of the audience in a WWE Raw episode earlier last year when Wade Barrett spotted him in the crowd.

Barrett wasted no time and started to pick on Rooney with insults when the latter jokingly asked him to step down from the wrestling ring and face him. However, the wrestler took the invitation seriously and started to humiliate him in front of his son, calling him “a failure”.

That was more than enough to provoke Wayne Rooney to land a thunderous slap across Barrett’s face which left the latter sprawled on the floor in the presence of thousands of fans in the Manchester Arena.

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